/ Imperative Music Compilation CD - Volume 7

Imperative Music Compilation CD - Volume 7

Manufactured in: USA
Mastered by: The Damage Room Studio, USA
Artwork by: Mironized, Greece
Release Date: May, 2014

Proudly presented the following bands:

METANIUM (USA), END ALL(Japan), SOUTHERN (Brazil), TOXICMAZE (Brazil), ROTTEN FILTHY (Brazil), INCIDENCE (Bolivia) - Demencial Records artist, CELLMYS (Brazil), RED DEAD (France), RISE N' DOWN (Brazil), SILENT HALL (Brazil), ZENIT (Chile), TORTURER(Canada), SUBVERSILVAS (Brazil), IF ALL ROPES TEAR (Germany), UNDEAD VISION (Switzerland), PHANTOM OF INSANITY (Finland), GREEDY BLACK HOLE (Taiwan), WORRY BLAST (Switzerland) - Chamosound Records artist

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AMEN CORNER, Brazil, Black MetalRISE N’DOWN, Brazil, Thrash MetalSOUTHERN, Brazil, Thrash MetalISHTAR, South Korea, Gothic MetalTOXIC MAZE, Brazil, Thrash MetalMETANIUM, USA, Heavy MetalINCIDENCE, Bolivia, Thrash MetalWORRY BLAST, Switzerland, Hard Rock Heavy Metal

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