/ Imperative Music Compilation CD - Volume 6

Imperative Music Compilation CD - Volume 6

Manufactured in: USA
Mastered by: Show No Mercy Studio, Germany
Artwork by: Mironized, Greece
Release Date: November, 2013

Proudly presented the following bands:

ETHEREAL SIN (Japan) - Red Rivet Records artist, RENASCIMENTO (Taiwan), DESANE (Japan), HAIDUK (Canada), FAINTEST HOPE (Japan), KEFLAR (The Netherlands), NOCTURNE MOONRISE (Taiwan) - Magnum Music artist, MANTRIS (Brazil), PALANTÍR (Sweden), STILL LIVING (Brazil), BAD SNAKE (Brazil), THE WILD CHILD (Italy), SASCHA BESELT (Germany), SHADOWS LEGACY (Brazil), THE LAST DAYS OF FALL (Germany)

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ETHERIAL SIN, Japan, Symphonic Black MetalKEFLAR, The Netherlands, Thrash MetalRENASCIMENTO, Taiwan, Gothic Power MetalSASCHA BESELT, Germany, Instrumental Rock Metal Fusion

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