/ Imperative Music Compilation CD - Volume 8

Imperative Music Compilation CD - Volume 8

Manufactured in: USA
Mastered by: Tower Studio, France
Artwork by: Mironized, Greece
Release Date: October, 2014

Proudly presented the following bands:

EPICA (The Netherlands)-Nuclear Blast Records artist, ELEPHANT (Brazil), OBITUARY (USA) - Relapse Records artist, KILLRAZER (Australia), FALLEN FROM SKIES (Uruguay), AGNI KAI (Macedonia), GUILTY AS CHARGED (Belgium), FRAGMENTA (Australia) - Legacy-Records artist, NUMBNESS (Brazil), WINTERHEARTH (Canada), SPIT (Brazil), MELTDOWN (Switzerland), SECONDS TO END (New Mexico), MARENNA (Brazil), KINGDOM STONE (Brazil), HARRY LOISIOS (The Netherlands), SHEPHERD (Taiwan)

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We are very thrilled to be a part of such a great compilation! SECONDS TO END (New Mexico)

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