/ 11.7.2018 VISIONS OF ATLANTIS, artist of Napalm Records

VISIONS OF ATLANTIS, artist of Napalm Records

We have received confirmation Symphonic Metal Band VISIONS OF ATLANTIS [artist of NAPALM RECORDS) to be included in IMPERATIVE MUSIC COMPILATION DVD vol. XVI. We are proud to include a song of their new album "The Deep & The Dark", we thank the partnership of Napalm Records (Austria).

We hope present other "gods of metal" in this new volume, as always, presenting European ones, American ones, Japanese ones playing Metal/Gothic/Rock, so Unsigned Bands [demo] or signed Bands [you have released CD by a label] are all welcome. New Compilation (to be released in December 2018).

Joins this fantastic project and worldwide joining the forces of great professionals [labels / distributors / media].



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