/ 24.6.2018 The United Forces of Metal

The United Forces of Metal

The United Forces of Metal…This is Worldwide…This is Professional…This is real Fellowship work!

IMPERATIVE MUSIC AGENCY has important notice to all Bands search for “sound quality”.

SLAB SOUND STUDIO from France is able to work with Bands other countries and we highly recommend his services, Gwen is a guy very dedicated to realize the best production.

IMPERATIVE MUSIC COMPILATION is specially mastered by SLAB SOUND STUDIO. In July, we will begin our activities with Compilation DVD Volume 16; we are open to accept bands from Africa, South America as well as great places like Europe, Japan and United States.

Recording, Mastering, Mixing in high class and quality!

Visit SLAB SOUND STUDIO’s new Website:


"credit photo: Johann Lavandier"

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