/ 7.4.2015 Tellus Terror

Tellus Terror

Tellus Terror is a Brazilian Metal band that has stood out for his immense creativity and quality music, check them in the Imperative Music Compilation CD Vol. 9. People are looking for one new band has same ‘quality’ such as Behemoth, Dimmu Borgir, Suffocation, Emperor, I recommend you Tellus Terror!

What the band commented about the Compilation:

The compilation of Imperative Music Volume IX is out now!!

Tellus Terror is participating in this compilation with the Endtime Panorama song on the first track of the CD.

Also bands like Devilment (Dani Filth), Death, DarkRise, Pentáculo Místico and Land of Tears and many other great bands participated in this volume.

This compilation CD is being distributed by distributors / labels worldwide including the Nuclear Blast, Century Media, Relapse Records, Season Of Mist among many others.



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