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IMPERATIVE MUSIC AGENCY would like to introduce you the Hard Rock Band SIXGUN RENEGADES (Finland).

New album 'Push' - OUT NOW!

SIXGUN RENEGADES combines elements from Hard Rock and old school- Heavy Metal without looking too much in the rearview mirror. With the new album all the musical elements are still there that made the debut album so good. This time everything is just better. Stronger riffs, blistering guitar solos, amazing vocals and hooks brings you to the journey you have been waiting for. Time to hit the pedal to the metal and enjoy the ride.

"We started to work on the 2nd album almost right after the release of the debut album only one goal in mind; to write better album than the first one. We also wanted to continue working with the producers Mark Bertenyi and Tuomas Riihimäki as our previous work together with the first album was so awesome. The music in this album has a 70s and 80s vibe, but soundwise it’s definitely modern Hard Rock with huge guitars and big and punchy drums. The album is mixed by Aleksi Rintala and mastered by Jackson Shuudifonya of Southwest Mastering."

"If you ask me, I think you can hear much more experienced band with confidence in writing and playing music. A much tighter package. Why should you listen the album? Well, most of all it’s a record full of great songs. No auto-tune or other studio ”magic tricks” to make it sound perfect. It’s just raw, real and dangerous Hard Rock- music. This what you need to hear even thou you don’t know it yet." - Niko Räty

Track list:

01. Push

02. Don’t Take It For Granted

03. Get A Grip

04. There Where I Go

05. Antidote

06. One Night Love

07. Conspiracy

08. Set Me Free

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Sixgun Renegades - Renegade Official Music Video


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