/ 13.9.2019 ShadoWhisperS / Luxembourg / New Revelation

ShadoWhisperS / Luxembourg / New Revelation

The Greatest Revelation of European "Gothic" "Metal"!

We are absolutely impressed to present the new song of the upcoming 1st full length album from the Luxembourg’s SHADOWHISPERS.

ShadoWhisperS has participated in other past volumes of Imperative Music Compilation in the past, but this new material should appeal to listeners of labels like Napalm Records or Nuclear Blast.

The band has evolved a lot, perfect female vocals, melody and harmony of all instruments is amazing, reminding NIGHTWISH to AFTER FOREVER, very good!

ShadoWhisperS will share the stage with MaYaN, etc.

Keep an eye on ShadoWhisperS in our new IMPERATIVE MUSIC COMPILATION DVD VOLUME 17.





Photography by JP Frisch.

Makeup by Natalia Goff

Comments by: Gilson / Imperative Music

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