/ 22.4.2019 Record-labels and Licensors to your Band !

Record-labels and Licensors to your Band !

Contract with Labels and Licensor in Europe, U.S. and Japan


1) IMPERATIVE MUSIC AGENCY deals with 50 record-labels and licensor of the following territories: Japan, Europe and the United States.

2) The album of your Band will be sent to the most important and largest Labels, directly to the label manager that we have contact with.

3) Licensing in Japan, the label will pay an advance payment of $ 1000 US dollars to the band.

4) Contract with European and US record labels the band will receive different proposals, but generally it is offered worldwide distribution and promotion.

5) The agreement of this service between Imperative Music Agency and the band is fixed for 3 months; the band can pay us $394 USD via PayPal or Western Union service.

The band will receive feedback and contracts via email.

Imperative Music Agency
Gilson Arruda
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