/ 8.10.2015 RAGE DARKNESS - Hidden Talent!

RAGE DARKNESS - Hidden Talent!

RAGE DARKNESS, Dark Metal / Death Metal Band.

Brazilian Band “out of the Brazilian pattern” with European ‘style’ sounding like Swedish and Finnish Bands.

After SEPULTURA’s Beneath The Remains, RAGE DARKNESS showed a rich debut album in Dark Metal genre. It's scary to imagine that none Record-Label has not contract them.

Guitarist / vocalist Vinicius Nunes of RAGE DARKNESS band comments about their participation in IMPERATIVE MUSIC COMPILATION CD volume 10.

Special Thanks

A special thanks to our friends, especially Gilson and Juliano Moser, who believe in this band.

A big thank you to everyone from Siriun, New Band, Yuri Fulone to making this compilation possible.

DISTRIBUTED IN UNITED STATES: Relapse Records, CM Distro, Moribund Records, Heaven and Hell Records, Pathos Productions, Sevared Records, Autopsy Kitchen Records, Dark Horizon Records, Sentinel Steel, Deathgasm Records, Red Stream Records, The End.

DISTRIBUTED IN EUROPE: Nuclear Blast, Season Of Mist/France, Inferno Records/France, Einheit Produktionen/Germany, Guc Records/Germany, Supreme Chaos Records/Germany, My Graveyard Prod/Italy, My Kingdom Music/Italy, Suicide Records/Sweden, Sound Pollution Distribution Ab/Sweden, Violent Journey Records/Finland.

DISTRIBUTED IN BRAZIL: Heavy Metal Rock, Imperative Music, Cogumelo.

Made in the USA, 2015.




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