/ 23.1.2020 OMMINOUS New Wave of Brazilian Melodic Metal

OMMINOUS New Wave of Brazilian Melodic Metal

OMMINOUS (Brazil) is the new revelation of Melodic Metal in Brazil.

The musical quality is very close to ANGRA !!! If one considers the Angels Cry album by ANGRA as an ‘album of great potential’, then OMMINOUS’s Immensity album emerges as the New Wave of Brazilian Melodic Metal.

Vocals reaching fantastic notes, accurate bass, drums like thunder, super melodic guitars such as the big bands like HELLOWEEN, EDGUY, ANGRA (period with Kiko Loureiro, and Mr. André Matos, RIP) among others of the same style !!!

Great honor to present this new talent from Brazil through the Collection “Imperative Music Compilation Volume 17” to the world.

Make your collection richer, get this OMMINOUS album in your collection! The songwriting is even more powerful, and it is consistent from the first note to the last.

Email: contato.omminous.com

Facebook: Omminous - Heavy Metal

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