/ 3.11.2015 Major Metal Bands !

Major Metal Bands !

In Imperative Music Compilation have participated bands signed of (Cogumelo Records, Nuclear Blast Records, Relapse Records, Shinigami Records) as AMEN CORNER, KREATOR, OBITUARY, EPICA, SEMBLANT and bands with Press Office of (Metal Media, MS Metal Press, Black Legion) as the Brazilian bands TELLUS TERROR, RAGE DARKNESS, LAND OF TEARS, MARENNA, ROTTEN FILTHY etc.

Your band should be promoted in magazines, radios, concerts, festivals, internet, website, Facebook, compilations, every channel, it's what professional European or North American bands do, Imperative Music is offering this as well.

If what the big bands do work, try with his band as well.

The more promotion, more opportunities and new partnerships to assist in the career of the band.

We still have some vacancies (spots) to include your band in Volume 11 of the Imperative Music Compilation, ask our contract of participation.

Email:imperativemusicagency @ gmail.com

Website Oficial: imperative-music.com

Facebook: gilsonrodriguesdearruda

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