/ 1.2.2015 International Market!

International Market!

Empower your band in the International Market!

What is most important for your band? EXPOSURE!

Opportunities come with the promotion in the right place at the right time. Show to the world that your band is worth listening to.

Imperative Music will do it for your band. We are always dedicating many hours of our lives, including our free time, skills and experience of nearly 20 years in the HEAVY music, especially to do professional work for your band. No doubt, we can say: We will support the Underground Music of all countries!

Bands get in touch to participate in IMPERATIVE MUSIC COMPILATION CD VOLUME X.

Volume X will be released in May, 2015.

Great bands have supported this project, some names are: DEATH (U.S.), EPICA (The Netherlands), DEVILMENT (U.K.), AMEN CORNER (Brazil), ROBBY VALENTINE (The Netherlands) and OBITUARY (U.S.) have participated in the previous volumes of our Compilations!


Gilson (Manager)
Email: imperativemusicagency @ gmail.com

Website Oficial: imperative-music . com
Facebook: Imperative Music Gilson

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