Heavy Metal

When I am looking for new stuff to listen to, I sometimes look for some rolling and „slower“ stuff compared to what I am usually listening to.

Today I found something (recommended by @imperativemusic , thanks that for guys) that I really like. And since this band, called Greybeard - @greybeard.metal - is a Band that deserves more attention, I thought a small review might help out and make them happy.

First things first:

Greybeard's freshly released album called “Oracle” is not what I would call slow at all.

What I really like about this one is the mixture of styles.

We got groovy slower parts that turn into rolling and hammering riffs in about one second. We got really nice guitar solos (which are not too long, what’s good, because I hate that) and we got something I really love in that kind of metal: We got an awesomely mastered Drumset. I love the Bassdrum.

Especially the song “Eternal” is a must listen for people that like drums as I do. By the way “Eternal” is followed by a song called “Venegance”, that starts with acoustic guitars and a nice female voice. Which combined, you guessed it, is more of a ballad. And I even like that one.

I won’t compare Greybeard with any other band, because I don’t think that leads to anything.

Even though Imperative Music asked me for a review, you should have figured out, that I only promote stuff I really like. And since I don’t take any money or benefit on it, this is just my honest opinion on that one.

So if you are looking for a real nice heavy metal album, melodic, wild and rolling, go for it.

Visit these guys on Insta or Spotify and leave them a like.

They will appreciate it for sure!

Have a nice weekend!

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By Vinyl Freak (credits)

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