/ 25.3.2015 German Thrash Metal

German Thrash Metal

BITTER PIECE was featured in Volume IX of Imperative Music Compilation CD!

Apocalyptic Thrash Metal from Germany!

Check out their new album by Timezone Records.

IMPERATIVE MUSIC COMPILATION CD - VOLUME 9 have presented following artists:

AGRESSOR (Brazil), BITTER PIECE (Germany), BLASTED (Switzerland), CRETIN (United States), DARK RISE (Switzerland), DEATH (United States), DEVILMENT (United Kingdom), ETERNAL PUTREFACTION (Brazil), FAINTEST HOPE (Japan), HAMMATHAZ (Brazil), HECATOMIC (Brazil), INFINITY HORROR (Brazil), INHERITOURS (Brazil), LAND OF TEARS (Brazil), PANTÁCULO MÍSTICO (Brazil), ROBBY VALENTINE (The Netherlands), SOUTHERN (Brazil), TELLUS TERROR (Brazil), THE FALLEN PROPHETS (South Africa).


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