/ 18.5.2018 Slab Sound Studio top mastering

Slab Sound Studio top mastering

SLAB SOUND STUDIO's Gwen Kerjan [Music Producer] is official Studio to realize Mastering of IMPERATIVE MUSIC COMPILATIONS.

We are pleased with their services, they have done amazing mastering to our compilations, the good work is guaranteed!


I am a French producer, composer, guitarist and singer. As a musician, I've always been implicated in the production process, the "behind the scene" side of things. After recording and touring with several bands, I founded my own personal project Indrama in which I do pretty much everything (music/lyrics, guitars, vocals, production...) and I eventually worked with Danish producer Tue Madsen at his Antfarm Studio to produce a part of the first album in 2010. I then created the Slab Sound Studio to produce more seriously my stuff and collaborate with other bands. I feel truly enthusiastic whether I work with an old school Black Metal act or vintage Rock, Stoner, Punk or modern Death Metal bands ; whether I do full production, mix or only reamp ; for an album, an EP or even a demo. So feel free to contact me to discuss your project!

Slab Sound Studio

Lorient, France.



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