/ 3.4.2018 Riotous Indignation - Estados Unidos

Riotous Indignation - Estados Unidos

Riotous Indignation [Chicago, U.S.A.]
Thrash metal/Crossover

The North American band has confirmed their participation in the IMPERATIVE MUSIC COMPILATION DVD VOLUME XV, which features metal heavyweights: Destruction, Hammerfall, Cradle of Filth, and Death.

Imperative Music is a South American label based out of Brazil. Their ongoing compilation series is distributed internationally through Imperatives label partners in the USA, Europe, Japan, and Brazil.

RIOTOUS INDIGNATION is an amazing band playing "crushing" thrash metal/hardcore crossover, I really recommend to fans of C.O.C., Black Sabbath, Pantera, Celtic Frost, Agnostic Front and other “heavy” and “extreme” bands!

Their debut release; The Violentus Musicae EP is now available for international mailorder on the bands website, and on all online streaming platforms.

The band is currently writing its first full length album and will be releasing a double single in spring of 2018.





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