/ 17.1.2020 LOCISTELLAR, Seattle,U.S. Phenomenal

LOCISTELLAR, Seattle,U.S. Phenomenal

LOCISTELLAR, Seattle, United States is signed to be presented in “Today's most Global Compilation of heavy metal”; IMPERATIVE MUSIC COMPILATION DVD VOLUME 17.

Featuring Didier Almouzni (RAZOR OF OCCAM, DRAGONFORCE), Guitarist Alexandre Lenormand (LOUDBLAST), Lance Neatherlin (PINCH), Eric Snyder on guitar (SECOND COMING, THE CRYING SPELL), bassist Dagna Silesia (NEVERMORE, WARREL DANE, THE PEOPLE NOW) and Paul Thuriot on guitar (JUNGLE ROT).

Locistellar's music blends together elements of rock and metal; it is heavy and dark, melodic and intense. “Leading Era” was co-produced and mixed by Gwen Kerjan at SLABSOUND STUDIO and mastered at AUDIO SIEGE by Brad Boatright.

America always brings new artists with great creativity and potential, and LOCISTELLAR has all the elements of it, check it out!

Great honor to present LOCISTELLAR and consideration of the rich history of these guys and women in the heavy music industry, wow!


Official website - https://www.locistellar.com

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/locistellar/



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