/ 23.8.2017 CADAVER DISPOSAL (Germany)


CADAVER DISPOSAL (Germany), Death Metal featuring members of BETHLEHEM and MAJESTY has confirmed their participation in Imperative Music Compilation CD Volume 14, the same compilation will present KREATOR (Germany), OBITUARY (United States) and other awesome Metal Bands!!!

The recordings of their second album "Transformatio Mundi" were finished in late 2016 and the beast was unleashed on April 28th 2017. "Transformatio Mundi" isl also be a concept-album, which reflects several current affairs, be they political or religious.


Stefan Meyerhoff - Vocals (ex-Braindead)

Dennis "Blaze" Baron - Guitars (Final Depravity, Mallevs Maleficarvm)

Robin Hadamovsky - Guitars (Majesty)

Alex Voß - Bass (Majesty)

Torturer - Drums (Bethlehem, ex-Belphegor)

Be prepared for a piece of extraordinary Death Metal.

“It's been a while since I've heard a good old Death Metal similar to the 90's. Cadaver Disposal with its second album guarantees the new generation of Metal Heads to hear something extremely "Brutal"! Comments by Gilson/Imperative Music (Metal Head since 1986).

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