/ Imperative Music Compilation CD - Volume 1

Imperative Music Compilation CD - Volume 1

Manufactured in: USA
Mastered by: Balance Studios, Brazil
Artwork by: Lufra Design, Brazil
Release Date: May, 2009

Proudly presented the following bands:

METAL X (USA), LUCY SEVEN (Sweden) - Pantherfarm Records artist, ROZZ (France) - Brennus Records artist, ALCHEMY (Italy), FACE OFF (Sweden) - Blue Topaz Recordings artist, WE ALL FALL (Spain), PYRRAH (Canada), TOXXIC TOYZ (France), WEB ONES (Spain), K3 (Hungary) - Record Express artist, HERITAGE (Greece), THUNDASTELL (Australia), LA HERMANDAD (Spain) - Santo Grial Records artist, SOUTHERN EXTREMITY (Italy), THE DIVINE MALEFACTION (USA), DARK MATTER (South Africa), FREE KEY BIT CHESS (Germany) - Bad Land Records artist, NYNE (Greece), BACKSTABBING BASTARD (Finland)

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