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The band HAMEN was arisen in 2013, idealized by singer Monica Possel, vocalist and leader of the group, that dreamed with a author work, based in Symphonic Metal. The original formed counted with the participation of Gean Carlos Souza (bass), Cadu Puccini (guitars) and Thiago Mello (drums).

The first production was single “Altar”, released in December 2014. The music had a web clip and become the principal track of the EP, with the same name, released at April 2015, with four tracks. The work was produced by Bassist Gean Carlos, at Rastros studio. “Winter”, “Last Doubt” and “Beautiful Garden” was the tracks that complete the material, northed by Symphonic Metal with progressive influences.

The EP was released in a show at Let it Be Pub, in Joinville (SC), with openings bands Doomsday Hymm (PR) and Sebastian (SC). The presentation counted with the scenography performance of the vocalist Monica Possel, that used the technology of video mapping at your costume. The debut work gained publicity in the press and reverberated with good acceptance by the public. In December of 2015, the band stepped for the first time in the stages of Curitiba (PR), after being invited to participate in the festival Ladies of Metal.

In February 2016, HAMEN reached international notoriety with the music “Last Doubt”, the track selected to be a part of the “Fear Candy – Latin America”, published at 268 edition of the England magazine Terrorizer, one of the world's leading publications aimed at Metal fans. Also in the same year, the band integrated the programming of the 4th International Convention of Tattoo of Joinville, with a show in the Complex of the Expoville.

At the end of 2016, the group started a new phase, taking the first steps to launch the first full album. A partnership was started with the bassist Matheus Mais (ex-Perpetual Legacy), to stay in the front of the musical productions. In addition to the announcement of a new album, the beginning of 2017 was marked by internal changes in the formation. Guitarist Alexandre Lamin, drummer Gleybson Dias and keyboardist Alessandra Nunes decide to leave the band to prioritize personal activities and projects.

With the changes, HAMEN followed the projects with only two original members on staff: Monica on vocals and piano, and Cadu on guitars. In the new stage, in addition to the additions of Matheus in bass and musical production and the also ex-Perpetual Legacy, Gabriel Pedroso, on drums, began the production and recording of the band's debut. Untitled 'Unreflected Mirror', the album carries the intention of being more focused on the symphonic sound, valuing orchestral elements and nuances, without leaving aside aspects such as weight, melody and technique.

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Unreflected Mirror album
Unreflected Mirror album

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