/ 3.2.2020 ARMORED DAWN Brazilian Heavy Metal Sensation

ARMORED DAWN Brazilian Heavy Metal Sensation

ARMORED DAWN - The Metal Warriors in the new IMPERATIVE MUSIC COMPILATION DVD VOLUME 17 we are proud to present the greatest Brazilian Heavy Metal sensation!!!

ARMORED DAWN comes with a powerful video / music from their new album Viking Zombie, exceeding all expectations of their previous albums, this is heavier, with more fantastic melodies and monstrous vocals!

In this new material, ARMORED DAWN's signature is its “heavy” Metal valuing a refined musical composition, with extremely high values of professional production in the best recording studios and experienced producer, all Instruments and Vocals have impressive harmonies.

We appreciate the high professionalism and consideration of Armored Dawn for being on Imperative Music Compilation. Thank you guys! Metal Never Dies!!!

In February the IMP DVD#17 will be available. Keep an open eye and check out Armored Dawn, True Metal fans!

Facebook: http://facebook.com/ArmoredDawn/

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