/ 15.8.2020 WHAT THE HELL (Switzerland) interview

WHAT THE HELL (Switzerland) interview

  • 1 - The band completed 25th anniversary, what are the best experiences of WHAT THE HELL's career during all these years in the music world?

It was cool to share the stage with famous bands like Sepultura, Karma to Burn, Crowbar...

  • 2 - In your biography, you yourself say that WHAT THE HELL is influenced by bands such as: DOWN, C.O.C., BLACK SABBATH, LIVE OF AGONY, ALICE IN CHAINS and PANTERA. Which albums from these bands do you think influenced WHAT THE HELL’s songwriting?

We are influenced by: far beyond driven (Pantera), river runs red (Life of Agony), black album (Metallica), dirt (Alice in Chains), Lifesblood for the downthrodden (Crowbar).

  • 3 - Their new album "Breathing" was released on vinyl, how is it being accepted by the public?

The fans have so far given us positive to enthusiastic feedback.

  • 4 - Lyrics like "Suicidal" is a reality in our times, unfortunately, what is the purpose of the message that the band wants to pass on to fans?

Above all we want to draw attention to grievances in our world. But many of the lyrics are about the singer.

  • 5 - And the Pandemic corona-virus has it changed life in music in Switzerland a lot?

Many shows are canceled or postponed, many artists are streaming and showing themselves online.

  • 6 - For those who want to buy the LP, where and for how many Euros is the sale? Enter the link to buy?

Send an email to Enable JavaScript to view protected content., facebook messenger, or in our hometown Schaffhausen the Album is available in: Halt de Lade.

  • 7 – Future plans of the band?

Filming a new video clip would be great, we always like to write new songs.

We’ll be surprised by a new video clip, let’s see what happens!




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