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  • Hey Kazu, tell us how Black Metal was introduced in your life? What were the first albums you heard in this style? Are there a lot of people listening to Black Metal in Japan?

I naturally have a murderous intention.That naturally led me to black metal.

The first black metal I heard was BURZUM.

Few people listen to black metal in Japan.But that's why I take pride in black metal.

  • His new album A Sick Life released by German STF Records is on sale in the European market, how has the feedback been?

Many people seem to have a good impression.I would like to take this opportunity to meet good projects in Europe.

  • In your opinion, what Metal Bands were main influences or what exactly inspired you on A Sick Life album?

The bands that have been greatly influenced by that album are the following bands.

Judas priest, Slayer,Darkthrone,Obituary

  • Like BURZUM, MAYHEM, GORGOROTH, the DEATHROLL lyrics feature misanthropic views. Is this all inspired by Japanese lifestyle or other things?

I hate people's feelings of spoiling.I hate the spirit of laziness.I like the sublime elite.

Then, inevitably, i most dislike people.

  • What equipment was used to record A Sick Life?


Line 6 POD XT live .


  • Have you started writing songs for a future album? Will the direction of the next album be on the same path as A Sick Life or will we have surprises?

I'm starting to write a new song.

Surely you can be surprised at the next album.It will incorporate a 7-string guitar and will have a variety of complex time signatures.

You can already listen to one song on my YouTube.


  • What message could you say to the Black Metal community?

I'm trying to create a powerful black metal by incorporating my own elements into black metal.

Check out my activity.

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