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The white wolf Legend

Her spirit is screaming and blowing on the stage. She is the drums and her soul rises up through the sacred fire of music.

It’s a powerful rock shaking by war back singers. A live show managing by a strong and sensual female voice supported by psychedelic guitar vibes and robust percussions.

VAYA is carried by three high personalities. Her essence is burning on scene night and day and take us into this fairy and mystical universe.

Welcome on Ameridian Rock!

VAYA are planning next tours including Brazil and South of America, they are open to receive proposals.

VAYA's track "BISCUIT" from their Live Album will be presented in Imperative Music Compilation DVD Volume 16. Imperative Music Compilation is worldwide distributed by Nuclear Blast, Napalm Records, Relapse Records and other international distributors.


After almost 40 shows in 8 countries between Europe and North America, we are planning a beautiful Canadian Tour in April 2019. We will be part of the Bout Festival 2019 in Toronto, all, in order to promote the first double album.

Album 2 in process-Toronto.


Victoria VAYA - Singer

They call her « Panther ». Her voice crystallize your blood or turn it as lava at the same

time. She fascinates each look through her melodies and dances. You can also hear this suave woman through the loud tones of the drums Goliath or behind the strong vibrations of the Prophet piano. Victoria has the sweetness of the wolf and the power of the tiger.

Raphaël - Drums

His strike force is straight and roaring. He s managing the rythme of VAYA with a simple stock. The beat of the jungle is running in his veins and take us into the deepest part of the instictive music.

Philippe - Guitar

He is the eagle of VAYA flying around the sun. When Phillipe is playing we can feel a prism of notes surrounding our mind and body. This Child of Rock Music makes us travelling through the plains of Arizona.


#Ameridian #Rock #Band based in Canada.

Anyone looking to hear something different, exciting, spiritual, check out Vaya!


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FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/VAYA.Official/

WEBSITE : https://www.vaya-official.com




Double album, special 1'000 pieces edition all numbered by hand.


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Double album
Double album

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