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Snow I.U. was formed during the winter of 2008 by the band’s lead vocalist, Cynthia Luna Frost. Later the same year, the first steps towards creating the land that later would be known as “Atriah” were taken. After several name and line-up changes through the years 2008-2014, the band started writing songs that followed the concept written by Cynthia between 2008-2014 when Daniel Karlsson joined the band.

In the autumn of 2014 Philip Ekberg joined the band and they started to write new material as well as perfecting the songs written by the duo. They were invited to play at the travelling festival "Livekarusellen" in the spring of 2015.

After an intense spring and summer of performing and writing new songs, the band settled down and started their search for a bassist. They had been playing as a trio since the start of the year and they thought this was the perfect time to find a bassist. This is when Gabriel Reimer joined the band and participated on the recording of Snow I.U.’s debut EP, "Tales From Utopia".

During october 2015 Gabriel decided to leave the band. Just a couple of days later Marcus Zerath was recruited to play the bass.

The band ended 2015 with a bang when they performed a show unlike anything seen before in their hometown of Hässleholm. It was because of this very show that they were given the title of “The greatest metal band in Hässleholm” by the local paper “Norra Skåne”.

The band was chosen to play in "Livekarusellen" again in the year 2016, this time with Marcus on the bass.

In early February the same year Victor Jonasson joined the band as the new lead-guitarist. After the mini-tour, Marcus decided to part ways with the band.
After a period of songwriting, the band returned to the stage in May 2016 with two brand new songs and a new coat of paint had been added to the songs from “Tales From Utopia”.

On the 21st of May 2016 Snow I.U. held the festival "Snowfest" in their hometown of Hässleholm in order to promote new local talents in the region. The festival was a huge sucess and the festival continues to flourish in Hässleholm to this day.

The band kept on touring during the summer and fall of 2016, growing ever stronger with every show they performed.

It was during this time that the band got asked to participate on Imperative Music Agency's coming compilation album "Imperative Metal Compilation XIII". The band gladly accepted and recorded "The Lone Wolf" for this one album.

This would become the band's first song to be distributed internationally.
Shortly after receiving the song, Imperative Music Agency offered to partner with the band. The band accepted and a partnership was established between the two.

Shortly thereafter, Victor decided to leave the band. Just a week later, Alex Flygare was recruited to play the bass and the lineup was once again complete.

In November 2016 the band played at "Backstage Rockbar" in Varberg, a gig far from the comfort of their hometown.

During the year of 2017 the band managed to score themselves a final spot in “Livekarusellen”, this being the third time they participated, they thought they would make this last one time count and gave Hässleholm a show that would be talked about for the rest of the year.

During this period, a new song was crafted and performed live for the first time in august of the same year. The band had managed to score a spot at Bjärnumskarnevalen and performed on the back of a moving truck in front of 3000 people.

This was a great start, as just one month later the band performed at restaurang Farozon and showed Hässleholm that Snow I.U. were growing stronger with every moment that passed.

The rest of 2017 was spent preparing as they were going to enter the studio and record their second EP “Lost In The Forest” in the spring of 2018.

The band had a busy winter and spring during 2018. With new material recorded, they started their tour “Lost In Utopia” on the 5th of may by supporting the American duo KrashKarma i Helsingborg. Two weeks later, the band held the third edition of their festival “Snowfest” in order to celebrate their ten year anniversary, release of their new album “Lost In The Forest” and participation on Imperative Music Compilation XV. The festival was a great success and the band received a lot of praise from the crowd.

Snow I.U. is currently unveiling new tales from the fabled land of Atriah after enjoying a very successful fourth edition of Snowfest the 18th of May, 2019.


Cynthia Luna Frost - Lead Vocals

Robin Larsson - Guitar

Alex Flygare - Bass & Backing Vocals

Philip Ekberg - Drums

The band has featured on Imperative Music Compilation XIII and XV. Songs featured: (XIII) - The Lone Wolf . (XV) - Pirate's Night (taken from Lost In The Forest).

Official Management by IMPERATIVE MUSIC AGENCY.

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Tales From Utopia Debut EP
Tales From Utopia Debut EP
Lost In The Forest
Lost In The Forest

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