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SHADY GLIMPSE released their debut album “Fear of the Thrash Box” in 2005. Second album titled “Thrashing Japs” in 2006.

SHADY GLIMPSE has supported Japanese Tour of IN FLAMES, AGNOSTIC FRONT, VADER, DESTRUCTION and realized other important gigs in Europe and Australia.

SHADY GLIMPSE released their 4th album “Thash Refrain / Splash refrain” in 2010.

Finally, masterpiece titled “Sound Gradation was released in 2016. Shinya's wild guitar riffs, Tomozow's deep grounding bass, Nishiyan's shattering beats and Yuichi's insane lyrics are combined to form 'Shady Glimpse'.

SHADY GLIMPSE is a Thrash Metal Band from Japan!


Yuichi Takei - Vocals
Shinya Sakai - Guitar
Tomohide Shimizu - Bass
Yasuhiro Nishiyama - Drums

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Sound Gradation
Sound Gradation

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