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SEMBLANT!!! High Class Atmospheric Gothic Metal with Female and Male vocals!

SEMBLANT are a band from Brazil, however they sounds as good as EPICA, NIGHTWISH, AFTER FOREVER in skill, musicianship and performance, yet their identity is more dark and mysterious. A great surprise is high quality sound, recorded in very good studio.

IMPERATIVE MUSIC is proud to have presented their song titled What Lies Ahead in the Volume X of our International Compilation CD among with KREATOR and other awesome bands from Europe, Brazil and Japan.

Quick retrospective about the Bands participated in the Imperative Music Compilation CD volume 10.

One by one, we will inform the 19 Metal Bands were in this volume ...

Track Number 4: SEMBLANT, Brazil (South-America).

Tracking List: KREATOR (Germany), SIRIUN (Brazil), RAGE DARKNESS (Brazil), SEMBLANT (Brazil), LOUDNESS (Japan), NEW BAND (Brazil), SKOX (France), DEATH HORN (Japan), DEGRACE (Japan), THE WASTED (Brazil), RADUX (Finland), VIOLENT X (Norway), NUMBNESS (Brazil), INCIDENCE (Bolivia), CLANDESTINED (Japan), YURI FULONE (Brazil), MASTERDOM (Italy) and ELEANOR (Japan).

SEMBLANT album called Lunar Manifesto contains 11 songs, produced by Adair Daufembach (Hangar, Holiness, Project46, Command 6). Order Now!!!

See a real "awesome" Melodic Metal/Gothic band with Female and Male vocals, wow.

I Felt the same creepy thing with the SEMBLANT when mr. Dani sent me a tape of The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh for me to meet the Cradle of Filth.

For excellence SEMBLANT will be presented on IMPERATIVE MUSIC COMPILATION CD VOLUME XI to be released around the world.

Record-Label: EMP Label Group

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Lunar Manifesto
Lunar Manifesto

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