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Band from São Paulo - Brazil formed in 2014 by vocalist Fabio Loffs.

Since the beginning of the 90's he went through several bands without being able to realize his plans as a musician. So, he decides what he up to now avoided, to form his own band.

Influences of the fast and melodic Heavy Metal of Iron Maiden, Helloween and Stratovarius; Fates Warning's Progressive; Bon Jovi's Hard Rock and Skid Row; and Pop, New Age and Classical Music.

The name is based on the Latin word, Caritas. It means Charity. Which is every act that seeks the good. Music is an Art. Art is an expression of emotions. That is the proposal: to thrill for good. By the melodies, with the intention of being the most beautiful possible. Give force when the sound is heavy. Calm down, when it's soft. etc. And only positive lyrics.

Recording from 2014 to 2015, playing almost all the instruments (with some participation of friends), in 2017, the first album is released with the name "New Age - The Age of Karyttah". The first Single is the "New Age" track in a promotional version.

Currently in the stage of spreading the album, looking for musicians to complete the band, preparing the recording of Video-Clip and production of extra music style "Side B" for the Single that will be released in physical version.

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New Age - The Age of Karyttah (2017)
New Age - The Age of Karyttah (2017)

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