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Geometry of Chaos (Italy)

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Geometry of Chaos is the new project from Fabio La Manna, mainly guitarist,

Bassist and writer of the music and lyrics, and Davide Cardella, drummer and much more.

The project is the fusion of his solo work and what remains of Alchemy Room band, in their last period with Davide on drums.

La Manna have released the first album for Geometry of Chaos, "Soldiers of the New World Order" with Davide Cardella on drums as part of the band, and other guest members as vocalists : Marcello Vieira, Ethan Cronin and Elena Lippe.

It has a fresh new metal progressive sound with a lot of influences from classic rock and cinematic music.

Album is called Soldiers of the New World Order, and it is out since September 2020.

The album "Soldiers of the New World Order" clearly represents a high point. The pieces are all outstandingly designed and implemented. https://www.kobzr-magazine.de/

All the friends of the progressive technician and of course the fans of Dream Theater, invest fearlessly in Geometry Of Chaos. It is impossible for them to deny you and they will offer you enjoyable listening!" https://rockandroll.gr/

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Soldiers of the New World Order
Soldiers of the New World Order

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