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DIXIE HEAVEN - Brazilian Metal Thunder!

Formed from members of the old band Alonity, in late 2011 the band DIXIE HEAVEN just started as a project working tribute bands Black Sabbath, Ozzy, Iron Maiden and Dio for small shows and events. Among the tests it was possible to note the synergy between the members was already like old times and the band decided to go ahead with a project that was just unfolding and now comes to promising underground in Brazil.

Featuring Villu Castelo, one of the most powerful, intense yet melodic female vocals ever heard and almost supernatural charisma, they leave fans totally enthralled night after night with a highly vigorous performance.

Power, energy and intensity !

DIXIE HEAVEN could be defined by their attitude and passion for Rock and Heavy Metal music.

Strength, power and passion for heavy metal is the best description for DIXIE HEAVEN!

With their debut album called "Riding the Thunder", DIXIE HEAVEN rises as a promising band at Brazilian's underground scene.

DIXIE HEAVEN will be presented in the International Compilation of Imperative Music Volume 15 among with Destruction, Cradle of Filth, Death, and Hammerfall.

Show after show, they make their fans feel delighted with their high power performances!

Band Members:

Villu Castelo - Vocals
Cesar Tavares - Bass
Fran Castelo - Guitars
Murilo Marinho - Drums

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/ Video

https://youtu.be/YQFIOPo1Etw (Official Music Video)

https://youtu.be/unp954LfIFE (Official Audio Video)

https://youtu.be/G-R7I9XE73o (Official Audio Video)

https://youtu.be/UvADTuqKnJA (Official Lyric Video)

https://youtu.be/8xelNz41Oo4 (Official Full Album)

https://dixieheaven.bandcamp.com (Official Full Album)

https://www.deezer.com/br/album/14221886 (Official Full Album)

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